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Artificial Intelligence Concepts

What is artificial intelligence? Although most attempts to define complex and widely used terms precisely used exercises in futility, it is useful to draw at least an approximate boundary around the concept to provide a perspective on the discussion that follows- to do this, svc propose the following by no universally accepted definition. Artificial Intelligence (Al) is the study of how to make computers do things better which at the moment people do better. This definition is, of course, somewhat ephemeral because of its reference 10 the current state of computer science. And it fail to include some areas of potentially very large impact namely problems that Cannot be solved well by either computer of people, but it provides a good outline of what constitutes artificial intelligence, and it avoids the philosophical issues that dominate attempts to define the meaning of either artificial or intelligence.

Interestingly though, it suggests a similarity with philosophy at the same time it is avoiding it. Philosophy has always been the study of those branches of knowledge that were so poorly understood that they had not yet become separate disciplines in their own right, as fields as mathematics physics became more advanced, they broke Off from philosophy. Perhaps if AI succeeds it can reduce itself to the empty SCL as on date this has not happened. There are Signs which seem to suggest that the newer offshoots of Al together with their real world applications are gradually overshadowing it. As Al migrates to the real world we do not seem to be satisfied with just a computer playing a chess game.

Instead we wish a robot would sit opposite to us as an opponent, visualize the real board and make the right moves in this physical world. Such notions seem to push the definitions of Al to a greater extent. AS we read on. there will be always that lurking feeling that the definitions propounded so far arc not adequate. Only what we finally achieve in the future will help us propound an apt definition for Al! The feeling of intelligence is a mirage, if you achieve it. it ceases to make you feel so. AS somebody has aptly put it — AI is Artificial intelligence till it is achieved; after which the acronym reduces to Already Implemented. One must also appreciate the that comprehending the concept of Al also aids us in understanding how natural intelligence works. Though a complete comprehension of its working may remain a mirage, the very attempt will definitely assist in unfolding mysteries one by one.

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