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School bus tracking software

School bus tracking software

Kiddotrack helps schools and parents with live bus tracking and receives important real-time alerts such as kids on-board and off-board alerts, exceeding speed limit alerts, bus proximity alerts, and more right on their mobile phone. Get peace of mind with an intelligent school bus tracking system that boasts user-friendly Web and Mobile App to get started right away!


Our Solution

Our team did the entire system planning, design, and development from just 10-15 points provided by clients as requirement document. Having very less involvement of the client, a lot's of decisions to be made by the architect himself to give proper shape to the final output. Our highly capable team delivered exceptional products which was covering all the pain points of running a bus tracking software with the franchise model. We delivered android apps for parents and drivers. Also provided complete backed system to be used by school, franchise and super admin. 



No student card is required to record In-bus attendance details or to send out real-time notifications to parents.

Kiddotrack School Bus Tracker Apps Has It All! With Driver and Matron's Apps, you get smart monitoring and all information in one place.

Keep track of school buses in real-time with a fully secured, comprehensive bus tracking solution, including the highest data privacy standards—guaranteed uptime to ensure continuous monitoring.

No hassle of getting GPS devices installed. Get started instantly with the Kiddotrack apps.

Instant pickup and drop-off notifications with up-to-date driver information will give you peace of mind while your kids are traveling.

The franchise can charge schools based on the number of students to be tracked which provide a completely flexible plan for schools to pay per use

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